Friday the 13th Notes

Victor Miller

Sean S. Cunningham

Original Release:

Paramount Pictures

Character: Jason Voorhees 
: Friday the 13th
Variant: Kotobukiya Bishoujo Figure
Total Construction Time: 2 days
Debut: Phoenix Comic Con 2017
Personal Thoughts: I seem to always be in a bind when I need a costume really fast for a convention. I realized I only had two costumes I wanted to bring to Comic Con but wanted to bring a third. I realized I could do the Kotobukiya figure especially since I’d been working out more constantly at that point. I liked Jason in general so why not?

I immediately ran to Goodwill since the con was only a week away.  I didn’t think I would find anything that would work but surprisingly I did. I bought a ribbed baby blue tank, a large pair of pants, a pair of shorts that fit and an over-sized brown jacket that looked like it would match the statue. After a quick wash I destroyed the tank by cutting it on myself and then began to Frankenstein the pants and shorts together. Kind of dumb, right? The statue looks as if she’s wearing shorts and using pants as chaps so I wanted to have the same feel. I ripped both apart and just sloppily attached them together.

Next was the jacket. I originally started going at it with just a box cutter but damn did I get bored quick. I realized I could probably make the process faster with my dremel and it absolutely worked. I tore into the jacket then into the pants just to make the previous cuts I made look way better than they were.

When I got the mask in the mail I was disappointed. I knew I was going to get a halloween mask with shoddy painting but the other half of me said ‘well, maybe you’ll luck out’. Nope. I had to repaint the whole thing with spray paint since I didn’t have acrylics at the time. Not thinking it would work and short on time, I used the spray paint, dremeled the mask, replaced the original straps with faux leather and was incredibly surprised at how good the outcome was! The final thing was to just paint the machete since I didn’t want it to look bare so I used a maroon spray and dripped it on.