Hufflepuff Notes

The dorms are
in the kitchens
behind barrels
of vinegar.

The color black
represents soil
and as a unifier
among the other

Character: Huffle-Ho
Variant: Original creation by Mapchild
Series: Harry Potter
Total Construction Time: 3 days
Debut: N/A
Personal Thoughts: My friend Maple created a couple of ‘Desperate Housewives of Hogwarts’ pieces one day. As soon as I saw Hufflepuff I said ‘LEMME COSPLAY IT’ so I did.

The costume is pretty straight forward. Since it’s an original design I had a bit of creative freedom. I made the top and bottom out of a swim suit pattern and used a stretchy material– imitating a swim suit. I chose to not make it out of swimsuit material since I kept finding the fabric for $17/yard and was sticker shocked by it.  I found some transparent black fabric from a local shop to make the back lower cape. I used left over gold from Ironette for the trim and gold parts. The original design had a cookie dispenser on the leg (which was the center piece of the costume) but I had to knock it out simply because of my body type. My hips are wide and with the addition of the dispenser it just made me look wider so I opted to make an alternate of it (which I never did).

Best part about this was when I was doing a photoshoot for it I made single serving cookies for photos but they turned out to be as big as my hand. I WAS VERY PLEASED.