Venture Brothers Notes

Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer

Animation Team:
NoodleSoup Prod.
World Leaders Ent.
Titmouse, Inc.

Original Release:

Character: Dr. Girlfriend
Series: Venture Brothers
Variant: Dr. Mrs. the Monarch (Concept Design)
Total Construction Time: 2 days
Debut: N/A
Personal Thoughts: My first Dr Mrs outfit was getting old but honestly, I really don’t want to retire her. It’s one of my top favorites, it’s amazingly comfortable and I feel amazing in it. The art book for the show had just come out and some old designs/concepts had been released. One of them was a reverse version of the design we know. Honestly, I don’t like the colors at all. The original is the best version and I’m glad they stuck with it during the show. However… I had a surplus of some supplies I needed to get through. I had most of the fabric minus the yellow. It really wouldn’t be much trouble for me to crank it out so I did!

I used the exact same methods from the original onto the new one. The only thing that changed was once I had ironed on the design, I also sewed the design on for extra security as the 1st design was slowly coming off. I can now put this costume on and off without worrying over damaging the emblem. The other major change was the V cut. I used a different type of bra that was deeper since the old worbla corset from the original was something I wanted to get rid of as you can see the edge of it now since I’ve gotten thinner.

517 – Women’s Crystal Lake Skating Outfit

Yellow Stretch (This is dark yellow. I picked a brighter one)
Black Stretch

Stretch Boot Covers
Thigh High Boot Trick (Good if using stretch fabric)