Venture Brothers Notes

Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer

Animation Team:
NoodleSoup Prod.
World Leaders Ent.
Titmouse, Inc.

Original Release:

Character: Dr. Girlfriend
Series: Venture Brothers
Variant: Dr. Mrs. the Monarch (Season 3)
Total Construction Time: 5 days
Debut: Phoenix Comic Con 2014
Personal Thoughts: This lady had been on my dream list since college. Dr Girlfriend is a damn strong lady who knows exactly how much power she can hold over people. Except I never knew how to achieve the deep V neck which is the centerfold of this costume. After making Dr Mrs, it’s become one of my favorite costumes because of all the enthusiastic Venture fans I’ve met so far!

I altered a pattern from Green Pepper and knocked out the leotard in a night. Using left over fabric from my Ironette costume, I used the wrong side of the fabric and heat bonded the design on to make for a cleaner look. I created the boots by doing a boot cover method over a pair of cheap Ross heels and quickly sewed up the gloves within the same day. The wings (which were made long and act like a light train) were heat sealed on the edges and velcro was attached to the top for easy removal. The crown and neck piece were made of craft foam and earrings were bought from YesStyle.

The V cut was the real and final issue. If I didn’t get it right, I would never be able to wear the costume. I researched other cosplayes who had done her before and the only one that stuck out with a great idea was Riddle. She had created the deep V by finding a stores mannequin that was her size and cutting out the bust. I have no chance of finding something like that  for cheap so I went a different route.

I ordered worbla for the first time, a thermoplastic that can easily be molded by heat and cut out the desired pattern to make the worbla fit to my body. After a lot of trial and error (first timer!), I successfully made a bodice out of the material. The back acts like a corset. Notions were attached to the back so that it ties together and holds everything in place. Elastic straps were attached to the top so that the bodice would never fall down and velcro was glued to the edges of the worbla. Velcro was also attached to the suit and inside the worbla so that when the leotard comes on, the velcro will attach to the corresponding pieces and everything stays in place (the wings also attach to the worbla from the back. They were made to be removable simply for cleaning reasons).

Madonia Photography

517 – Women’s Crystal Lake Skating Outfit

Yellow Stretch
Black Stretch

Stretch Boot Covers
Thigh High Boot Trick (Good if using stretch fabric)