Pokemon Go Notes



Tatsuo Nomura

Release Date:

Character: Spark
Series: Pokemon Go
Total Construction Time: 3 days
Debut: Saboten Con 2016
Status: Retired
Personal Thoughts: HYPE TRAIN HYPE TRAIN. I was at SDCC ’17 when the Team Leaders were announced and was excited that my leader was a dork grinning boy. I loved that everyone thought he was the type to dab all the time, skate around on wheelie shoes and give Pokemon so much love. I wanted to cosplay Spark immediately but I opted not to do the actual male version simply because short blonde hair does NOT work well on me.

I first started off by buying a short blonde wig that would match Spark just to see if I could pull it off.

No, no, still can’t.

So I went ahead deciding to re-use my USO wig for this costume.  I slightly altered a jacket pattern to match Sparks. I chose fabric with the idea that since Spark is outdoors often, he needs something that was light, would be easy to clean and would last a while. But it also had to be light because I live in Arizona and cannot cosplay outside with a leather jacket. 🙁

I used yellow twill to match the black fabric, used a black lining for the inside then attached fake belts to the sides of the jacket. For the emblem, I took creativity liberty. Since the back wasn’t seen, I opted to put the Team Instinct logo on the back by heat bonding the design on.

Next, I dyed white fabric to the color orange I wanted, altered the top of a pattern, attached a hood and literally puzzle pieced the shirt together.  It’s not the best but I’m okay with it!


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• Sparkle Pipsi: Fuku Tutorial [PDF]
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