Heather Mason Notes

Heather has the most
death scenes of any
Silent Hill character.

Her features were
heavily debated on
by both male
and female
designers. Half
wanted her more
masculine and
the others
wanted her
more feminine.

Character: Heather Mason
Series: Silent Hill 3
Total Construction Time: 3 days
Debut: Anime Expo 2011
Status: Retired
Personal Thoughts: Despite never finishing the game, I always liked Heather Mason. She was grungy and dirty without being too rough. She had a dry humor and as the world seemed to sit on her shoulders, she took her situation one step at a time. I saw Heather as a powerhouse of a woman simply because at the time, I didn’t see many girls like her in games– especially as the main character.

This was a quick and easy costume. I made the skirt out of a long maxi skirt from Goodwill, made the jacket myself (without a pattern) and altered a a bright orange dress (also from Goodwill) into a turtle neck top. I managed to find white wristbands from a sportings store without a logo, dyed them orange and took my dads watch (whoops) that looked like it was from the game. I ordered nicer boots online and the wig was recycled from my old Fai cosplay.

This costume has not had a proper photoshoot.