Cooking Mama Notes

Publisher: Taito

Office Create

Original Release:

Original Platform: Nintendo DS

Character: Cooking Mama
Series: Cooking Mama
Total Construction Time: 1 day
Debut: Anime Expo 2013
Status: Retired
Personal Thoughts: Cooking Mama is my favorite casual game. Period. She’s so cute!

I made this on whim, really. I forgot the real reason why I wanted to cosplay her but she was my favorite casual game at the time. I had her in storage since I never had a con to wear her to but she ended up being borrowed to a friend for Saboten 2012. I wore it myself finally in 2013 to Anime Expo. It was a nice, casual cosplay that ended up being my hottest costume at the con! Hot as in the heat was killing me! I was so surprised! But I still love this costume because it’s so cute and simple!

Cosplay Photographers
This costume has not had a proper photoshoot.