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In December, my roommate decided to play a new game she had gotten from the PS store. “Oh, that looks education and kind of boring for me?” I thought. I assumed it was just a game going through the history of fonts.  As an animation major, I took a course on typography and worked in design so I already knew some of the back history of type. I couldn’t see this game being too appealing to anyone outside of the design field.

Screencap from Envy_Me_1_Forever_Till_Death
Then she started playing the first level and I couldn’t help but peek over from my computer. The first level was boring. It was just a tutorial on how to move the Colon (your character) around. The tutorial provided a deep back history of writing that gave you the option to read about or just skip over it.
Screencap from LMSU7
As soon as she hit stage 2, I was out of my chair and on the floor yelling about how Gothic font was German origins (half right, not exactly), re-learning the real origins and 3 hours later we were guessing at what time Times New Roman came around, where Helvetica would have been used and why Didot has so many fonts in its family. Literally, Didot, wtf.
We were enamored by the color pallet used for certain levels, the creative use of loops, tails, serifs and just general anatomy of each letter.  The anatomy of a letter became part of the background, having to roll off a loop onto a terminal or being blocked by stems only having to use a T for momentum to jump onto a rotating U and hope you don’t fall through. Each level becomes progressively more diverse and unique once a new font is introduced, collaborating alongside the time the font was born.
The game is relatively short. We finished the whole thing in three to four hours (secret level included) and it was a pleasant way to spend our evening. If you have money to spare I would suggest this to anyone who enjoys casual platform games with a few puzzles mixed in.

My dad, the Fan Guy

Originally posted April 19, 2017
In regards to Star Wars, I’m a baby fan. I had no interest in it when I was younger. I didn’t like how dark it looked, I didn’t understand what was going on with Darth Vader, the whole sci-fi genre just never caught my attention. But DAMN did I love Star Tours at Disneyland and Space Balls was one of my favorite comedy movies of all times.
 It was only until months after The Force Awakens came out that I became interested. Because KYLO REN the story was great even if it was new-aged rehash of A New Hope. I ended up enjoying the characters and seeing old faces that I remembered spotting every time I passed my dads room when he had it on. The story was really introductory.  A safety net. Go too high and you’ll confuse new fans, go too low and you’ll piss off the long time fans. The story was cautious but it still poked and prodded its way to be it’s own part of the universe.
When The Last Jedi trailer came out, immediately I threw my phone at my dad.  I never knew how much of a fan he was since until recently since he didn’t show much appreciation to the series. He doesn’t show much interest in general but once something grabs him, he’ll usually give a small smile. He’ll cry alone at movies that aren’t particularly sad but will grip him for some reason, otherwise, he’s not really a fan of much. Just old movies and good old horror films (probably where I got my interest).
Theory: Hux has been demoted to COLONEL since he has TWO stripes, not THREE on his sleeve for The Last Jedi! 🙁
But then a few years ago, while going through his old record collection I found the original Star Wars track.  And let me tell you, the Imperial March sounds fantastic on old vinyl. Then I started piecing everything together.  For the longest time, he had a collectors VHS edition of all of the then-released movies. He was the one that introduced me to Space Balls. Not only was he a big fan of Mel Brooks, but Space Balls was one of the first parodies of Star Wars which was significant at the time because of the rights.
Seriously though, I would have probably gotten this as a kid if it were real.
Every time we were at Disneyland he would immediately hit up Tomorrowland and get Star Tours out of the way. Not because it was a ‘gotta go to better rides after this’ but because it is genuinely enjoyable. No one ever had any objections and it’d be a joy to stand and wait forever because we were entertained by the robots inside.
I shit you not, I rode Star Tours 8 times once because it had 8 different endings. I got them all somehow.
And when The Force Awakens came out and he finally watched it (long after I did), boooy. I got about three pages worth of FAN THEORIES from him (that were his own) on what he thought was going to happen to Kylo Ren, who Reys parents were, and if it was going to be a Luke and Leia situation again.
After all these years, I realized my dad was secretly a Star Wars fan boy since the beginning while I had barely gotten into it.
Damn straight I sent some Han Solo dad jokes to my own dad.
Once I had given him my phone, he was mostly quiet until he saw Rey and then kept asking ‘but where’s Luke? Where’s Luke?’  He gave me no theories at the time but I’m pleased that the saga is still going.  I’ve never seen my father nerd out about something so dorky before since it’s usually my area of expertise. I could never understand how old fans could be so passionate about Star Wars but once my father got revved up about it, I finally understood.
And to be frank, even though I feel it should have probably ended some time ago, it’s one of those things where I don’t mind it going on forever.

“This must be where pies go when they die”

Early 2016 I became a tad obsessed with a TV show that came out a month shy of my birth year. I felt awful after passing the first season because I had no one to talk to about it. I was flailing around, gushing to friends how great this old show, Twin Peaks was while not knowing it had a strong cult following that was still thriving.
I was excited over this as it was dark, curious but also had dabs of funny here and there to break up the seriousness of the main plot. If you think you know who killed the centric character, Laura Palmer (I assure you, no spoilers here), it’ll take you in an entirely different direction. The show is accompanied by a vibrant cast that ranges from characters who have done terrible things to the common folk-types that we can easily identify with.  I know everyone really loves the log lady but I’m more taken by Nadine and her brain injury. A 35-year-old woman thinking she’s young girl then chucks a kid across the field to everyone’s horror? Sign me up.
Or the awkward romance between Andy and Lucy that is totally relatable (to me at least)? You can feel the awkward smack you in the face every time they appear which can be both endearing and frustrating when they clearly want to do more but don’t.
My sudden obsession led me to just gently browse Twin Peaks related subjects. I ended up finding a vegetarian café in Vancouver that was inspired by the show so hell yes, what a perfect excuse for me to go back to the land of beavers.the black lodge, black restauraunt sign with white hand written text and drawings of trees and a saw
The café was situated at the corner of a slow but tight intersection. Inside was quite dark but filled to the brim with memorabilia. From the front end to even the bathrooms you could spot something that came straight from the old David Lynch show. The tables were thick, wooden half stumps that were slightly uncomfortable to sit at and the café could only fit maybe six-ten people, a bit more if you really squeeze seats.
Being the adult-kid that I am who can barely eat vegetables, I was wary of being able to eat anything from there since it was vegetarian only (they even have vegetarian beers!). But as a knowing adult I pushed myself do eat something new.  I don’t think pushed myself too much out of my safety net but I’m still amazingly pleased with their menu options.
vegetarian coconut sandwich
The B.A.L.T.
 Veggie coconut bacon, avocado, sprouts, cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, Dijon mustard but dear Lord no tomatoes, thanks. It was an amazing sandwich that I still vividly remember the taste of because that’s how good of an impression it left on me.
If anything, I’m glad I found Twin Peaks when I did. It lead to finding a really neat café and being more interested in visiting Washington state for a random road trip when I have the chance. Plus the new show has been released and while original fans have been waiting 30 years for the continuation, I’ve only waited a year. I consider myself incredibly lucky as a new fan to not have to wait so long. It have been absolute torture and I would have been in the same boat as everyone else yelling ‘MORE!’

USO Dancer Breakdown

Originally posted back in 2014, I figured reposting it would hopefully help someone else doing a USO costume! This is in regards to Version 1. Everything still works, just don’t do 16 panels for the skirt, do 24! 🙂

As a side note, I’m in NO WAY affiliated with the actual USO organization. The costume is just a replica from the Captain America movie and is no way shape or form meant to represent them. This was made for fun and is not affiliated with the real USO.

I got a lot of ‘WHAT HOW DO???’ on the costume while I was working on her but really, I did a BUTTLOAD of research before and during construction. I also found out there’s a private FB group dedicated to doing one of these girls complete with member made patterns and resources but as of this post, I’ve yet to be admitted myself. So my resources were just looking at WIPs of other girls costumes and the movie itself!

Ref 1

Ref 2

Ref 3

Ref 4

Ref 5

Gals in the Movie

LEGIT costume from the movie

The BEST ref thread that really helped me. Comes complete with where to get the stars (CHEAP!), shoes and what type of fabric to use!

There are several different versions of the girls since they travel and over time, the movie shows their costumes getting more elaborate and more decorated. I honestly think some of the costumes are awful (not digging the stripped hats or red gloves) but I realized that the costume department probably make their work simple by making the costume detachable so that other elements can be placed on. It eliminates the work of making a whole new base dress for no reason.

As a note, I got my fabrics from and my local Jo-Anns. If you’re able to get your fabric locally then bring a camera with you and do a flash test on the pieces you want. You can determine there if the pieces are too shiny or not for your costume and it’s a good way to know if your costume will either look good or bad on camera.


With that in mind, I STARTED FREEHANDING MY PATTERNS for the first time! Using one of the WIPs I freehanded my own halter top which was actually harder than I thought it would be. Thank God for mannequins.


I’m usually a dumbass while making costumes, wanting to making everything too low so I had to keep in mind this was a costume of a 1940’s show girl. Once I secured the pattern, I attached the bra I wanted to wear with the costume onto the mannequin and made sure the pattern wasn’t too low that the bra would peak out from the front or back.


After I was happy with my pattern, I secured that shit down on some heatbond (you can also use interfacing) so that I don’t ever have to do that crap again.


Putting it together is pretty self explanatory except I had a problem once I lined it. Since I used a light fabric for the lining, it peaked out from the top. I didn’t wanna use interfacing (I still feel pretty newbie at this point omg) so I looked online for a sewing technique since mine are really basic and I found one. I quickly fixed my problem and BAM. Vest.


The lapels were made soon after. They were NOT sewn on like I originally wanted to. It was during the pattern process that I realized if I could make it detachable, I could later add on a sequenced lapel like some girls in the movie. Plus some girls lapels attached oddly to their vests


I couldn’t tell if the movie had it or not but I decided to go with what a majority of cosplayers were doing.


Using crap fabric, I drafted the skirt out of a single panel. At this point, there are only twelve panels and fit around my body nicely.


However, the fault with this is I can’t tell whether or not the pattern would look good or not. I went ahead with it, laughing as some girls had to do 24 (2017 update: DO 24 PANELS.) or so patterns and I only had to do twelve. I broke my back throughout that night doing panels panels panels god help you the panels are the WORST PART OF THIS COSTUME.



I was also running out of red thread so I decided to put white in the bobbin and red for the spool and it ended up making the damn thing look clean. This isn’t necessary since no one’s looking up your skirt. At this point I would have surged my edges but my serger isn’t working at the moment so it’s a damn mess under the skirt.


Look at that pathetic thing. I realized my panels were too big so I had to add four more panels making it about 16 panels. I made the top panels smaller by making pleats and since the red fabric wasn’t holding onto the iron that well, I sewed the crease in as close as I could to the edge so that it had a sharp crease forever.

I would suggest buying a petticoat if you aren’t familiar with making one unless you want to be daring. I threw math out the window and made a super basic, 1 tier coat. No one is allowed to look under my skirt, it’s horrible.


Awkward back after adding on my petticoat and attaching the vest and forgetting to finish off the zipper. Also the zipper is actually straight. My dress is on crooked. Oopsie.


Back of the cumberband.


Bottom of the lapel. There’s another snap on the otherside to attach to the dress.


Top of the lapel that snaps to the top of the dress. The top of the dress also has snaps so that I can ease into the dress easier.


fuck the hAAAAT. I read someone used wire for the inside of their hat to keep the shape. I thought that was a great idea after seeing their pictures and it really did help. I used buckram x2 and a light interfacing because I WANT MY HATS TO KEEP THEIR SHAPE. No more pics because my hat is really shitty. If I had more fabric I’d redo it. I redid the pattern 5 times and it still looks like crap to me. god help you with yours.


Insidethedumbasshat. Look at how shoddy that looks.


Looking for a wig and THIS FELL ONTOP OF ME. 1. I HAVE TOO MANY WIGS

2. I DONT REMEMBER HAVING A BARNABY WIG???? whateverit’s perfect


ohhh bae u in de army?


This was for a group and I wasn’t actually supposed to make the cumberband since another person was going to do it but I was afraid the red they used wouldn’t match my costume so I made it as a back up. I whipped it up in 20 minutes.


Don’t look at the bra peeking out ahhhh oopsie

Stars came in about 4 days later hohohn

It’s the first time I’ve worked with pretty fabric like this in a long time and I learned a lot of new things with this cosplay. It still feels simple to me but dem panels. I’m just proud I’ve kind of got the idea of nice lining down right so my pieces won’t look as shoddy anymore. The only thing I really hate about this costume (minus the under skirt since it needs to be fixed with my SERGER) is the hat. If I had extra fabric I would redo it but at the moment that’s not an option. PoooOOOPs.

queen of peace

This is me. Hello everyone who arrived at my blog out of curiosity or because I’ve thrown my link at you a million times and won’t shut up about it. I’ve been sitting on this idea for a very long time now. Maybe years, really. I always wanted a stable blog and have attempted many times before but they usually fall flat. I’m pretty terrible at upkeep since I get bored or lose interest after a while. This though, I’ve gently mulled it over and already written several posts but have sat on all of it because it never feels good enough. I can never make up my mind and it’s one of the dozens of challenges when you’re some kind of artist.

I originally wanted a travel blog. Who doesn’t like a good trip? I often solo and as a woman alone, there’s a bit of added danger mixed with excitement. Yet I cannot leave enough to justify a blog for it. So what are other things I enjoy? The arts. Photography, drawing, costuming, film, animation, games, comics. I have a degree in animation, had my first real job in TV, have previously freelanced as a videographer, and even won recognition for my work (albeit it was a small and local thing, it’s still something to tack onto my name).

miku, vocaloid, miku expo 2016, miku expo, seattleMiku Expo 2016 • Seattle, WA

If you stay, thank you. Since this blog is on my cosplay website it’ll go into the breakdowns of some costumes but also have reviews, opinions and whatever else I fancy vs being strictly dedicated to cosplay. Even though my hobbies are all over the place, I enjoy what I do and strive to do them well and in a manner that will make me satisfied at the end of the day.

forest, plaid, hannibal, green jacket, will grahamPhoto by Mapchild