Inuyasha Notes

Rumiko Takahashi

Animation Team

Original Run:
Nov. 1996 – June 2008

Character: Sakasagami no Yura
Series: Inuysaha
Total Construction Time: 2 days
Debut: N/A
Personal Thoughts: Saw her one day on Twitter and was instantly reminded how I hated her as a kid. Yet… she was easy and I like villains so why not. I needed a small project to get rid of some gold fabric and something I could do quickly anyway.

The first version of the costume was made for me. The cuts were deep and made for accuracy. In the real world, she would never, ever work. So many boob spills and accidental flashes. The pattern was freehand as was the sash. Painstakingly over the entire course of Doctor Strange. All of it was just ironed on for quickness so the sash is pretty delicate when taking it on and off.

Shockingly, a lot of people actually asked to photograph her. I kept saying no, no, no, but I caved and made a second version that can be worn at a con. The pattern was freehanded again but the cut was shorter and the skirt was longer.