Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Notes

Creator: CLAMP

Animation Team: Production I.G.

Original Run:

Tokyo Rev. Release: 2007

Character: Sakura
Variant: Revelations OVA
Series: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Total Construction Time: 3 days
Debut: Anime Expo 2014
Status: Retired
Personal Thoughts: I always wanted to do this version of Sakura but I never got the chance. I always enjoyed the OVA because it’s a bit darker, there’s more drastic plot changes and it introduces my favorite character, Subaru (Tokyo Babylon) into the universe.

The belt was made in the same style I made Lady’s belt but without the craft foam. It was a bit harder and messier than Lady’s belt but I was trying a new method that didn’t pan out. I made the cape ungodly huge because I wanted it to be exaggerated. It’s made out of a utility fabric which makes wildly heavy but were it to really be in the series, it could double as a blanket for cold desert nights. My plans were to ultimately rip the whole costume so that it would look like I’d just returned from a trip but I ran out of time.

I would like to come back to this costume one day. If I do, I would make the cape out of a lighter fabric so it could catch the wind, re-do the belt and commission or get a nicer wig.

This costume has not had a proper photoshoot.