Sailor Cosmos Notes

Creator: Naoko Takeuchi

Original Run:

Final Arc

Last scout to appear in the manga

Character: Sailor Cosmos
Series: Sailor Moon
Total Construction Time: 3 weeks
Debut: Anime Expo 2014
Status: Retired
Personal Thoughts: Sailor Moon was always something I wanted to do. I even wanted to do my own character when I was younger but thankfully that wasn’t able to happen (I didn’t get enough fabric for it!). I’ve been always super cautious about scouts because I put them on such a high pedestal of perfection. I did Cosmos because not only was she a bit easy but she intrigued me since I always viewed her as a coward despite her strength.

I used Sparkle Pipsi’s fuku tutorial for the body and skirt and NyuNyu’s tutorials for the sleeves and collar. Other areas came easy but the only difficult part was the wig. I ordered a parted wig from Epic Wigs but the cap was much too small so I attempted to do my own wig. I went through about 3 wigs of pure frustration and near tears before I eventually realized if I could sew a few wefts in certain areas I could make a manageable, temporary wig. Ultimately, a few areas need some TLC but the wig is the one part that I plan on remaking. Without a new wig, the whole costume feels like a horrible mess despite all of my hard work.