Baccano Notes

Creator: Ryohgo Narita

Animation Team: Brain’s Base

Original Run:
July 2007
– Nov. 2007

Light Novels Run: 2003 – Present

Character: Ladd Russo
Series: Baccano!
Total Construction Time: 3 days
Debut: Phoenix Comic Con 2011
Status: Retired
Personal Thoughts: My friend told me about Baccano! and I was instantly interested because it dealt with 1930’s America and I’m a history buff. I’ll openly admit I’m a dub lover so I watched it in English first and I was in love. I enjoyed the accents given to the characters, their stories, and their actions to one another. I don’t watch anime often but I watched the series three times over. I needed to cosplay from this but as who? I played with Miria because of her dress but I had no Issac to help me out so I chose Ladd. He’s everything I love. He’s maniacal, kiddish and is a villain-like character. The best part of this costume was when my friend, DracoPlato who had been cosplaying the Rail Tracer, and I used the light rail in Phoenix to get to the convention. You can imagine the scenes from there.

I didn’t want to make the suit because I had made suit jackets before and I absolutely hated them. Instead, I found a jacket online for $20 (after looking for DAYS- quite serious about this), nabbed some pants from Goodwill, shoes from Walmart and the rest of the miscellaneous items from Amazon.  The costume was worn clean on Friday to PCC ’11 and returned bloody the next day.  Draco and I teamed up that night to make blood and splatter it on our costumes so that we matched. The wig was also interesting to do. I had never cut a wig to be like a boy before so it was fun getting the spikes in!