First Appearance: Episode 10

Michiko Neya
(Ghost in the Shell,
Gurren Lagann,

Character: Kriem
Series: Tiger & Bunny
Total Construction Time: 1 week (V.1); 2 days (V.2)
Debut: Anime Expo 2012 (V.1); Anime Expo 2014 (V.2)
Status: Retired
Personal Thoughts: Tiger and Bunny is the best superhero show ever! But there’s not a lot of characters to cosplay from it that I was interested in. I thought about doing Blue Rose but at the time, I didn’t feel too comfortable. I wanted something revealing but not too revealing. I had just lost a lot of weight and I wanted to flaunt my hard work. Instead of looking to the heroes of the show, I decided on Kriem. I loved her. She’s an evil little thing with a big, evil boyfriend. Not only that but absolutely cute!

Kriem had a lot of little things to her! I didn’t expect her to be so complex. I got used pants and a shirt from Goodwill and altered them. The shirt wasn’t a good fit but I made the buttons out of clay and there was Velcro in the front so the shirt could attach together.  I re-used an old wig but it ended up being not good at all. I always felt that I could have done better with her.

Since I was really unhappy with how V.1 came out, I always had her on my re-do list for the longest time. I really loved this character and wanted to give her my best.  For two years I kept looking for the perfect pair of pants for her (which is incredibly hard for me).  I eventually found some, re-made her tie and shirt out of a light pleather material and although she still isn’t where I want her to be, I’m happier with the costume now than I was the first time around. I still plan on revising other elements about her (such as updating the gloves, adding the umbrella and glasses) over time.