Cutie Honey Flash Notes

Yōji Enokido
Kazuya Tsurumaki

Animation Team:
Production I.G.
Starchild Records

Original Run:

Character: Haruko Haruhara
Series: FLCL
Total Construction Time: 1 week
Debut: October 2012
Personal Thoughts: Halloween was coming up and I really, really wanted to cosplay at work. I needed to pick a character that was work appropriate and I was limited since I worked production at a news station. I couldn’t have a character with heels, a drastic wig, or complex clothing just in case something happened. I narrowed down my choices and picked Haruko. Not only was she warm (because of her long sleeved shirt. It got cold in the control room!) but I could work with faux leather because of her jacket.

April 2017: There are plans to re-make this costume.

The jacket was one of the hardest things I ever had to do at the time. I had previously worked with faux leather before but the result wasn’t good. The shoulder pads were difficult because again, I wasn’t going off a proper pattern and I wasn’t too sure how I should address them. The second thing that caused me a headache were the black lines that ran down the front sides of the costume.

The cuff was made out of craft foam and the rest was purchased. I attempted to make my own boots but the first pair turned out awful so I opted for halloween gogo boots. I only made one mistake (oopsie) and I successfully wore it to my job in time for Halloween (I received some ooo’s and a gas card. Ahaha//).

This costume has not had a proper photoshoot.