Cutie Honey Flash Notes

Go Nagai

Animation Team:
Toei Animation

Original Run:

Original Variation: 1973

Character: Cutie Honey
Series: Cutie Honey Flash
Total Construction Time: 3 days
Debut: Anime Expo 2014
Personal Thoughts: I’m a big fan of magical girls, especially the older kind. I wanted to have fun with Honey but she ended up being a really big pain.

I had to do this costume ASAP since I was on a time limit (I only had four days to complete it). The bodysuit is made from left over dancers stretch fabric from an old project as well as red fabric from my Ironette costume. I altered a pants pattern into a body suit and used vinyl for the neck piece which snaps in the back. The gloves were made from extra vinyl lying around and attached with left over yellow from my Dr Mrs costume.

Using the worst and only heels in the city that weren’t crazy expensive, I made boot patterns out of vinyl and attached them to the shoes using E6000 which took a couple of hours to do. In the end, they became the nicest boots I’d ever made BUT because the shoes are cheap and higher than I’m used to, the boots can’t be worn for longer than two hours at a time because of how much pain they cause.

The sword was made by my friend, @agent_ofthe_bat who does theater work on the side.