Bulma Notes

Bulma is a
parody of
from Journey
to the West

Bulma can be
seen smoking in
Dragon Ball and
the manga.

Character: Bulma Briefs
Series: Dragonball
Total Construction Time: Only God knows
Debut: Phoenix Comic Con 2014
Status: Retired // Remake
Personal Thoughts: I love Bulma. Whooo doesn’t? She’s such a power house in Dragonball.  At the time, I had gotten the first season of Dragonball on DVD and was powering through it on a nostalgia train. I realized I wanted to do something from the first series and ended up deciding on Bulmas bunny suit because I figured it would be easy.


This has become one of my most complex cosplay’s and I think anyone who has tried to tackle the bunny suit can understand.

July 2017: There are plans to re-make this costume (for a third time).


Trials for this costume were horrendous. I was honestly unsure of how to go about this since I was inexperienced with something so technical. At first, I ordered a generic bunny suit that I thought I could use as my base. The only thing I kept from that order was the tail, cuffs and ears. The suit idea itself was tossed out once I realized the fabric held no shape and I would need more fabric to even do my plan.

I then tried the duct tape method which produced okay results but I had again used a weak fabric so once the boning was in, it was just a mess.  I ripped it up and tried a few more times before throwing that method out.

Then I picked up another tutorial but this time I was stuck on the breast cups. I would always make them too big or too small so it was driving me crazy. Eventually I settled on whatever was done and ended up wearing it to PCC (?????). I liked it but I also didn’t realize what a mess it was.


This will be filled ONCE I GET THIS RIGHT.