Real Name: Alex
Cosplay/Gamer Tag: Lynai
B-Day: May 4
Area: Arizona, USA

I’ve been cosplaying since 2006 after attending my very first con the previous year (Anime Expo 2005 in Anaheim!). I took a basic home ec class in my Sophmore year of high school and the rest is entirely self taught. I did a lot of ambitious costumes when I was younger (Fai from Tsubasa, Temari from Shippuden) and continue to use cosplay as a way to push my skills forward.

I created this website with the hope that it would help other cosplayers in some way. I’ve made every attempt to list materials, notions, patterns and even wigs/contacts used. If someone likes the material I used for one costume and thinks it would be perfect to use for their own project, then they can hopefully just follow the link provided. I still highly recommend buying swatches of the fabrics I list just in case it isn’t color/material you’re looking for!

Q1. Do you make your own costumes?
Yes! I rarely purchase my costumes but when I do, I note the quality and where I got it!

Q2. Do you take commissions?
Only art commissions! I don’t take cosplay commissions often since I’m not a professional seamstress and am entirely self taught. When I do take commissions, it’s for people who are local so I can do altercations on site.

Q3. Can you visit x at x con?!
Unless the con is around Arizona (Nevada, California, Colorado, New Mexico) the answer may be no. I’m entirely self funded and have limited vacation/sick days at my current job so I’m forced to pick and choose which con I go to very carefully.

Q4. What’s your day job?
I work behind the scenes in TV news! 🙂

Q5. Why don’t you sell prints?
Honestly, there isn’t a demand for them so I see no reason to sell prints! If there ever comes a time where I’d be in the position to sell them, I would like to ensure that the quality is good for the buyer while making sure the photographer (if it wasn’t me) gets a portion of the sale.

Q6. What was your first costume?
2005-2006 it was Sanji from One Piece. The only photo evidence of that will never be shown online. It was that awful. 🙁

Q7. Where do you buy your fabrics?
Spandex World
Spandex House
If available, my costumes have the fabrics that were used listed in their descriptions under ‘Resources‘.

Q8. What patterns do you use? Do you make your own patterns?
I’m almost entirely self taught so I rely on ready-made patterns. Sometimes I’ll draft a pattern myself but then ‘edit’ it using another pattern. I use a LOT of McCall’s patterns since they usually have a great sale at the end of fashion seasons ($1 a pattern!!!). I probably have 60+ of McCall’s patterns but also use Simplicity. Rarely do I use Vogue or Butterick.

Q9. Why did you list all of your fabrics/notions/wigs/ect instead of keeping them hidden or behind a Patreon pay wall?
I started cosplaying in 2006 when everything was hard to find and even wigs were a pain to get. People often flocked to for help. What fabrics do I use for x, how do I use x, how I do make this transportable? I wanted to be a resource to others in the same way people helped me when I was younger. Making a costume can be hard but even the littlest thing like learning to use spirit gum to stick material onto your skin could make a WORLD of difference and solve all your problems.