This is me. Hello everyone who arrived at my blog out of curiosity or because I’ve thrown my link at you a million times and won’t shut up about it. I’ve been sitting on this idea for a very long time now. Maybe years, really. I always wanted a stable blog and have attempted many times before but they usually fall flat. I’m pretty terrible at upkeep since I get bored or lose interest after a while. This though, I’ve gently mulled it over and already written several posts but have sat on all of it because it never feels good enough. I can never make up my mind and it’s one of the dozens of challenges when you’re some kind of artist.

I originally wanted a travel blog. Who doesn’t like a good trip? I often solo and as a woman alone, there’s a bit of added danger mixed with excitement. Yet I cannot leave enough to justify a blog for it. So what are other things I enjoy? The arts. Photography, drawing, costuming, film, animation, games, comics. I have a degree in animation, had my first real job in TV, have previously freelanced as a videographer, and even won recognition for my work (albeit it was a small and local thing, it’s still something to tack onto my name).

miku, vocaloid, miku expo 2016, miku expo, seattleMiku Expo 2016 • Seattle, WA

If you stay, thank you. Since this blog is on my cosplay website it’ll go into the breakdowns of some costumes but also have reviews, opinions and whatever else I fancy vs being strictly dedicated to cosplay. Even though my hobbies are all over the place, I enjoy what I do and strive to do them well and in a manner that will make me satisfied at the end of the day.

forest, plaid, hannibal, green jacket, will grahamPhoto by Mapchild


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